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Worlds Greatest Dud creates funny dad tshirts and other cool father gifts.

World's Greatest Dud®. Only One Dad Can Be Best, Here's to the Rest.™

World's Greatest Dud creates original, off-the-wall, funny dad t-shirts and other gift ideas for all of the dads (and duds) in your life. We're gearing up for Father's Day 2018,

so SHOP FOR DAD T-SHIRTS AND MORE HERE often to check out what's new for husbands, fathers, grandpas, get the idea.

Worlds Greatest Dud funny fathers day t-shirt. My kids bought this with my money.

Worlds Greatest Dud starburst tshirt for dads. Makes a great fathers day gift or birthday present.

Worlds Greatest Dud minivan dad t-shirt.

Dad. Hes one bad mother. Dad tshirts and father gift ideas.

I am dad and I approve this message. Political campaign dad t-shirt.

Pops Choppers dad t-shirt, for lawn mowing dads.

Funny shirts for dads in the Worlds Greatest Dud shop.